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How can I accelerate when I call nextLabel

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I have a timeline probably like this


when I call tl.tweenTo(tl.nextLabel());

The next tween must wait untill the last one was ended before it can start playing

So how can i  accelerate the  last one ? Or I achieve it another way rather than timeline ?

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What you could do is when you call the tweenTo method you could change the timescale of the timeline and, as @mvaneijgen mentioned, use an onComplete method to reset the timescale back to 1 in order to set the speed of the timeline to normal.


I'd recommend you to keep everything in a timeline since it's simpler and easier to update the timescale of a specific instance each time you want to go to a specific label.


Happy Tweening!

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I may unable to give a demo,but all of your suggestion does help and good to answer my question

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