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How to stop onUp and onDown for a certain element ScrollTrigger?

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I want touch and scroll to not function when they are on a certain element. I tried using ignore and it worked for a div that covers the whole page, but not for the one I am using which covers half of it. Any idea how I can fix it?


    target: window,
    ignore: startScreen || carousel,
    type: "wheel, touch",
    onUp: () =>mainFunc(index- 1), 
    onDown: () =>mainFunc(index+ 1),

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Without a minimal demo is hard to know exactly what you're trying to do. The only suggestion I could offer is to create another ScrollTrigger instance for the element that covers half of the screen and toggle a boolean using ScrollTrigger onEnter/Back and onLeave/Back callbacks and check that boolean in the onUp and onDown callbacks of the other ScrollTrigger.


Let us know if you have more questions.

Happy Tweening!

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Yeah, a minimal demo will help a lot. Also, I wanted to mention that this looks wrong to me: 

ignore: startScreen || carousel

That will only feed in ONE of those. If startScreen is truthy, that's what'll be used. Otherwise, carousel will be used. That's just a JavaScript thing (unrelated to GSAP/Observer). Did you mean to do this?:

ignore: [startScreen, carousel]


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