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Dravidra Pulka

How can I achieve this effect in codepen effect (canvas) with DOM elements. Please help. I'm very confused about the working of the code.

Go to solution Solved by StephanNijman,

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To achieve this, you'll want to get the position of each circle and check that against the position of your cursor (or use a mouseEnter or mouseOver event listener), I think it'd be best to use something like quickTo to change position of the follow ring.


Docs on quickTo here:



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Ooooh this is a fun one.

If you pop together a minimal demo with some HTML DOM elements and give it a go I reckon you'll have a bunch of people jump in to help you.

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This one I tweaked works!!! But there is a issue. Can anyone please tell me how can attract cursor only when the cursor is at the boundary. In the example it attract before entering the boundary.

See the Pen JjBwoBZ by sddvr (@sddvr) on CodePen

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That's a really nice solution and very readable! Thanks for contributing!

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