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ScrollTrigger.refresh() causes ScrollSmoother to scroll

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I've found this and I think it's a bug.
When I use ScrollSmoother and I need to call ScrollTrigger.refresh() (due to ajax loading, dom changes, etc.) the page "sometimes" it scrolls.
If you click on the buttons in the demo, you can see it.
You need to lick more times, scroll the page and so on.
It won't happen if the page is scrolled down to the end or at the top.

See the Pen bGjQRNj by fnool (@fnool) on CodePen

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It works! 😍
How can I get my hands on that release?

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1 minute ago, Basilico said:

It works! 😍


For now you'll have to use that file either by linking to it or download it and use it directly on your projects.


Right now we don't have a release date for 3.11.5, sorry.


Happy Tweening!

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Thanks, you made my day.  🥳

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