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Scrolltrigger Snap Delay

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I'm the fixer for a client project and I'm trying to get horizontal snap scroll looking tight. I'm noticing a slight delay between the time scroll settles and the snap takes place — any clues as to how to remove it to get it to feel more responsive? I'm using ScrollSmoother as well.


Site: https://archsoldev.wpengine.com


Here's my setup: 


            tl = gsap.timeline({
                scrollTrigger: {
                    trigger: ".panel-wrap",
                    pin: true,
                    anticipatePin: 1,
                    fastScrollEnd: true,
                    scrub: 0,
                    onSnapComplete: self => {
                        if ($(".site-header").hasClass("mini") == false && window.scrollY > 0) {
                            $(".hide--scrolled").fadeOut(function() {
                            window.setTimeout(function() {
                            }, 250);
                    snap: {
                      snapTo: 1 / (sections.length - 1),
                      duration: {min: 0.02, max: 0.5},
                      delay: 0.1
                    start: "top top",
                    end: "+=3000"



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It was ScrollSmoother's delay, never mind! 

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