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Strange behaviour with Observer

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Hello. I am playing around with Observer plugin and noticed something odd that I am uncertain if is intended - or bug.


While using "pointer" setting with Observer, "right-mouse-click" causes the events to fire simply by moving the mouse over the document.


Steps to replicate:


1. Open the Observer demo CodePen

2. Right-click on the demo content (context menu opens)

3. Left-click back on the demo content to close context menu

4. Move mouse up and down


I believe the items shouldn't get animated. If this is indeed intended, how can we disable this easy?



See the Pen XWzRraJ by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen

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Hello @Palke - welcome to the GreenSock forum.


I myself can not replicate the behaviour you mentioned with the instructions you gave - on Windows 11 neither in the latest Firefox, Chrome or Opera - so this might be something browser or OS specific. I think, adding some information about the browser and OS you are using might help the Admins find out what's causing that.


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Hi @akapowl


Thanks for testing. I am using Mac (macOS Monterey) and I can see this behaviour in Firefox, Chrome and also Safari, all latest.


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I can replicate the behaviour in both latest Chrome and Firefox on Ubuntu 20 and 22. In fact in Firefox you don't need to close the context menu to see it happening.


This is Chrome:



This is Firefox:



We'll look into this, please stand by.

Happy Tweening!

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Thanks for reporting that. Sorry about any confusion. Is this [upcoming release] version better?: 



(you may need to clear your cache)


In the meantime, a workaround would be: 

onPress: self => {
  if (self.event.button) {


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