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How to recalculate ScrollTrigger Start and End after an element resize?

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Hello guys, I'm new to GSAP


On my page I have I have a few sections

I resize the height of the first section immediately after the page load using gsap.to


The subsequent section have scroll triggers.

However the start and end of each section is still based on the values before the resize of the initial element

I believe I need to use ScrollTrigger.refresh() to recalculate, but I'm not sure where to put it, see my codepen example


Any help would be appreciated...

See the Pen mdjpxaX?editors=0111 by bruce-persaud (@bruce-persaud) on CodePen

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Hi @BruceST!


On your gsap.to that control your .one-one height, add this parameter:

onComplete: () => {


See the Pen OJwzwmz by sam-tremblay (@sam-tremblay) on CodePen


Happy Tweening!

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