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Tailwind hidden class overrides autoAlpha?

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Was just wondering if anyone had any experience using Tailwind with gsap?

Maybe I've made a mistake (because all of my searches have come across the opposite problem - *not* being able to override inline styles), but I can't seem to get gsap's autoAlpha style to take precedent over tailwind's hidden class. Is this the expected behaviour?




See the Pen JjBEZXM by nwoodward (@nwoodward) on CodePen

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Tailwind's 'hidden' class sets the 'display: none' property. GSAP 'autoAlpha' sets 'visibility' and 'opacity' property. Basically you are dealing with two diff properties so how will they override. 

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😄 This is why I shouldn't ask questions after a long day, must have confused visibility:hidden with hidden.


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