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How can I make this example more simple?

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I just found this example on github.


I want the vertical multiple items sliding. But I don't need loop, or next-prev buttons.

I tried to remove them but every time I remove anything it breaks.


Also, it doesn't work when I try to use the section between two static divs(header and footer).


Could you help me to make it simpler please?


See the Pen yLMrwrK?editors=1010 by mikeK (@mikeK) on CodePen

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Hi there,


Rewriting a demo to fit a specific spec is quite a large ask and a little out of scope for these forums. But! Good news - there was an article written about this demo that should help you untangle the logic behind it a little bit.


I'd suggest reading the article and giving it a go yourself. If you get stuck and have specific questions about any GSAP functionality, pop back and we'll try to help!

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