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Scroll Snap with smooth-scrollbar js

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Hi, I'm trying to make a scroll snap using gsap. I've already proxied the smooth-scrollbar to the scrollTrigger but this is not solving my issue. So the scrollSnap is not working properly (working but having issues) and since you know the smooth-scrollbar scrolls the page using transform and not with overflow. (Uncomment the part and you'll see it explodes)
Thanks in advance. 

See the Pen yLEGNYN?editors=0010 by amini-py (@amini-py) on CodePen

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smooth-scrollbar is a third party library and is not something this forum can give support for. GSAP has its own smooth scroll plugin, build for ScrollTrigger https://greensock.com/scrollsmoother/ this build for GSAP, so if you have the choice I would choose that one over smooth-scrollbar, but you are free to use what ever you want of course!

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Thanks Rodrigo! This actually solved my problem


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