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Position Paramater not working when nesting multiple Timelines into one Mastertimeline

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Hi GSAP-Community,


I hope that someone can help me out. I'm fighting for some hours with a problem. I'm working with multiple timelines that are beeing created by seperate functions that return a timeline. Then I'm adding them into the mastertimeline with the .add method. I want to start the first and the second animation at the same time, but nothing works, I already have read all documentations.


These two i would like to start at Position Parameter 0:



Best regards,


See the Pen vYrWzQd by davidprovem (@davidprovem) on CodePen

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Your position parameter is correct. The problem I see right away is that you're creating logic problems by using nested ScrollTriggers. That's one of the common mistakes. An animation's playhead cannot be controlled both by a parent timeline and the scrollbar position - those could be going in completely different directions simultaneously. 


You can apply a ScrollTrigger to the parent timeline - that's fine. But you cannot have a bunch of nested ScrollTriggers. Again, it's not a limitation of the tools - it's literally a logic issue where it'd be impossible. 

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