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Is GSAP considering a live chat section ??????????????

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Hi GSAP Team, though it's not long since I joined this amazing forum and I must really commend you all for the good job you all are doing... However, I would like to suggest to the team to look into the possibility of giving us a live chat section... 

The admins here are doing a great job no doubt but don't you guys think gsap forum will be more active and helpful if we have a live chat section... Especially for those who want to use gsap with other frameworks like React, Vue, and the rest... I think it will help developers of the same framework to help each other...


This is just a suggestion and I want to assume that someone else might have already raised this... If there is an official answer to this request, maybe it will be better to pin it...

Thank you all...

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The issue is with live chat that all the information is lost as soon as it is out of view, nobody scrolls back or searches for what has been already asked. Here you can go back to topics from years a go and read through the discussion, everything is indexed by Google and can be easily found. 


If you rather want to chat there a loads of development Discord/Slack channels out there, that probably have a dedicated channel for animation questions, where probably a few GSAP-ers hangout.  Frontend Horse springs to mind https://discord.com/invite/etUAXeqK


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Your point is quite valid... Thanks for the clarification...

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