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Animating clipPath in Safari

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I am animating a clipPath which works perfectly in Chrome, but in Safari and iOS it doesn't seem to animate. The black rectangles will animate on scroll as they get to the top of the viewport.

I read about clipPath bugs in webKit Safari from back in 2017-2018, but I didn't think they still exist. I can change clipPaths to masks in the SVG, but larger SVG masks always seem to be much more costly on CPU and tend to slow down my pages.

Is there is another way or maybe something I'm missing with GSAP that should animate this in Safari/iOS.

See the Pen oNyzGGE by celli (@celli) on CodePen

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You can animate things inside a <clipPath> fine in Safari as shown in this demo here

See the Pen yLEOdJK?editors=0110 by snorkltv (@snorkltv) on CodePen


I noticed you are using <clippath> instead of <clipPath>. Maybe safari is picky?


I had trouble following your demo with the loops and mediaqueries. 

If you still have trouble please reduce it down to a single tween on a single element if that works, then slowly build up. 


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@Carl yes, thank you. Animating the actual elements within the clipPath does work in Safari.

The only issue I see is that I would have multiple elements within each clipPath, and it doesn't look like I can use <g></g> tags to wrap all elements within each clipPath, so I wouldn't be able to animate them together as a unit -- do you know if we can group all clipPath elements in each clipPath in another way?

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that is correct, you can't use groups in a clipPath.

you can give multiple elements in your clipPath the same class and move them all at the same time. 

scaling and rotating could get a bit weird though. not really sure what you're trying to do. 

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