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Gsap ScrollTrigger one touch scroll

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Hello. Tell me how to make the text blocks in section 2 switch instantly, at the first scrolling with the mouse? Now there is a delay and the text blocks don't switch until you scroll to a certain position

See the Pen VwxOEqO by Oleksandr07 (@Oleksandr07) on CodePen

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ScrollTrigger is for animating things on the users scroll behavior, it sounds like the Observer plugin (docs) is more inline with what you are looking for, this watches for events (like scroll) to do something.  


You had set it to duration: {min: 1, max: 1} which means it will animate to the next 'slide' taking 1 second, you could fake it a bit by tweaking the snapping values, but the Observer plugin is build for it. 


See the Pen yLjWZjb?editors=0010 by mvaneijgen (@mvaneijgen) on CodePen

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