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transform rectangle with stroke

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i want to add rectangles with an stroke as transform item for scaling rectangle size and change stroke weight about slider. But i have problems to set correct bounds and selection handles. When i use scale9grid there is a space between selection bounds and rectangle depends from scaling. When i set the stroke.scaleMode to none the stroke is not recognize by selection bounds. is there a way to realize scaling shapes strokes and correct bounds?


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Do you have an example FLA that demonstrates the issue that you can post? It would be super helpful to be able to see exactly what you're looking at and publish it for myself.


The simpler the better - no need to post your production files.

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For example use this little mxml Snippet, for sure its not a flex only problem. I played for a while with line joins and caps and i think thats the problem. Besides there are problems with rendering around the boundary. Has anybody an approach to deal with transform detailed line properties?


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

                   minimum="1" maximum="30" value="10"
                   snapInterval="1" tickInterval="10"
                   labels="{[hSlider.minimum, hSlider.maximum]}" 

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Yes, actually, this isn't an issue with TransformManager - it's just how Flash deals with strokes. I spoke with one of the senior engineers on the Flash Player team at Adobe recently and he said strokes are extremely complex to deal with and can be problematic for the player. I would suggest avoiding them if you can, and instead use fills. For example, you could reproduce that rectangle with the "stroke" by just doing a gray fill with a smaller rectangle inside of it that's red.

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thanks for your commitment. i will try to imitate strokes with fills, that sounds funny.....

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