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I want to recreate section from website

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Hello, I am really new to gsap and scrollTrigger so maybe this is really stupid question.

So I want to recreate section with sticking cards (image bellow) from this website: https://weltio.com/ .
I tried several things but cannot wrap my head around how to make it works like in that website. I used scrollTrigger but then it first card still animates while endTrigger is not reached. But in that website all cards are animate for same time and animation only starts then card pins (or sticks to the top) and last until next card get to the top. Also not sure what should be trigger, section before or cards?


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Hi @MTR and welcome to the GreenSock forums!


You can find very solid inspiration in these previous threads:

If you struggle with some GSAP related stuff, please provide a minimal demo showing what your issue is in order to solve it faster.


Happy Tweening!

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@Rodrigo thanks for these links! It's exactly the thing just I want to make. Will check it now and I hope I will figure it out.


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