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How do you get the npm private registry to work in CI/CD?

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I have bitbucket pipelines setup on my repo where I'm using gsap's private registry.  I see a CI/CD tab and have created the .npmrc file in my project root but each pipeline fails... It either says @gsap/business@latest' is not in the npm registry. or if I add npm install gsap --registry https://npm.greensock.com as a step in my pipeline then other packages in my package.json file are no longer found ( I assume because it's checking the private registry for other packages)?


What would be the way to set this up correctly so that it only checks the private repo for gsap packages?

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Sorry to hear that you're experiencing some issues with this. Unfortunately I have zero experience with Bitbucket's CI/CD pipelines. We got in touch with the people that handles the NPM private package and they are aware of this.


In the mean time the only suggestion I can give you is to use a specific version in your package.json file and see if that works:

"gsap": "npm:@gsap/business@^3.11.2",

Finally, did you reached to the folks in Altassian and see if they can offer some insight about this?. I mean after all it's their CI/CD flow so who knows it better than them. I did a quick search in their forums and didn't found anything similar to this.


Please a little patience 🙏


Happy Tweening!

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Following up here.  I managed to get it working by adding - npm config set @gsap:registry https://npm.greensock.com/ to my pipeline script just before npm install.  You need the npmrc file but through researching how to get this setup it appears it's not recommended to keep your npmrc file commit so you should setup a env var and have the pipeline script generate the npmrc file when it first runs.



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Hi @cjstage,


Great to hear that you were able to get it working 🥳


Also thanks for sharing how it was resolved!


Happy Tweening!

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