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Potential bug with version 3.11.2?

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I recently upgraded my npm package as I was running on version 3.9.1.


Upon upgrading to version 3.11.2, my header animation doesn't work as it use to. 


My 3.9.1 demo shows it in working order, where the header hides on scroll down, but shows on scroll up.


In the 3.11.2 demo, you will see that the header translates up immediately on load. The animation triggers on page load.


Is this a bug or am I missing something here?



See the Pen gOzzYxP by amit_rai95 (@amit_rai95) on CodePen


See the Pen ExLWzoR by amit_rai95 (@amit_rai95) on CodePen

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Sorry about any confusion there - does the latest beta work better? There was a regression related to from/fromTo tweens that we've got fixed in the upcoming release: 

See the Pen Poeeowj?editors=0010 by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen




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Hi @GreenSock,


I can confirm it's all working for me in beta version 3.11.3 👍


Would you have any timeline on this versions official release?

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Hi @GreenSock Also interested in when this will be released.  With the release of 3.11 we have had a ton of issues on our sites from the bounce back up issue to now this.  Any timeframe would be appreciated so I can relay to our clients

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Sorry about that @joe.madden! Hopefully within 48 hours. 

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@joe.madden, @amit95 - GSAP 3.11.3 is officially released. The CDN is in the process of updating, but should have the files within 15-30 minutes (typically). Enjoy!

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