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ScrollTrigger/Three.js - animate vector3 issue

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I'm animating the camera in a Three.js scene. I'm able to animate the camera position using a timeline, but I also want to animate a vector3 called cameraTarget to control where the camira is looking. However if I log cameraTarget's values it shows that they actually update but in my scene the camera keeps the same cameraTarget view from the beginning, so basically it's not animating the cameraTarget position.


This is my camera and cameraTarget setup



This is my timeline



And here you can see if I log the cameraTarget values they change as they should, but I don't see the movement in my scene.


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  • Chriz96 changed the title to ScrollTrigger/Three.js - animate vector3 issue
  • Solution

Well I just had to update camera.lookAt(cameraTarget) by moving it inside my tick function

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Hi @Chriz96 and welcome to the GreenSock forums!


Is great to hear that you were able to solve the issue and thanks for sharing how you did it 🥳


Happy Tweening!

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