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scroll trigger do not work correctly

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i want to pin the hero section until the logo scale to full window width but i don't know why the logo scale don't work correctly. please assist me to find the issue

See the Pen rNvpmwg by omi-bhatia (@omi-bhatia) on CodePen

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Your end trigger is above your start trigger. So as soon as the animation is ready to play it is already finished, so that is why it jumps to 100%. I think you want to use endTrigger: instead of end: because you've given it a element instead of a number or the other properties, check the docs for more info on the properties


Also your .hero element gets pinned and loses it's padding or something. I've given it a margin-top instead, but now it starts way lower, but it doesn't jump when it gets pinned. There is a lot of  code in your minimal demo, we ask for minimal demo's with a few lines of code and some colored divs, because they are way easier for someone to jump in to.


See the Pen PoeEOxv?editors=0010 by mvaneijgen (@mvaneijgen) on CodePen


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