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colorMatrixFilter on text field

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I am trying to apply a colorMatrix filter on a text field and it doesn't seem to be working


private function menuOver(e:MouseEvent):void


The bg changes color, but the text does not. Any ideas?

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Ok, I've changed it from 0xffffff to a different color like red and it works. If I try anything close to white it doesn't work..I tried f1f1f1 and f2f2f2 and they both didn't work.

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I would use tint, however, I have a drop shadow on the text and if I tint it, it changes the color of the shadow too

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Is your text dark (originally)? Remember, colorMatrixFilter is like looking through a colored piece of glass (at its default settings at least). So if you look at something black through a red piece of glass, it would still look black. So it sounds like you might have misunderstood how it works - it's NOT the same as a tint which changes the color of every pixel to a particular color. You can, however, change the brightness in addition to colorizing it to get the effect you're after. For example, if your text is black you could colorMatrixFilter:{colorize:0xFF0000, brightness:3} to make the red more obvious/bright. If you're just trying to make things whiter, though, why not just tween the brightness by itself to a very high number? Just a thought.

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