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matchMedia() on react

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hi friends, so i had an animation that was working great on desktop, but when i check it on mobile it doesn't. since it is on a method and it's a scrollTrigger animation i'm having trouble to write it, can someone help me? thanks!


function Hero() {
  const imgRef = useRef();
  useEffect(() => {
    const q = gsap.utils.selector(imgRef);
    let mm = gsap.matchMedia();
      isMobile: "(max-width: 500px)",
      isDesktop: "(min-width: 501px)",
    }, (context) => {
      let {isMobile, isDesktop} = context.conditions;
    q(".textBtn").forEach((txt) => {
          scrollTrigger: isDesktop ? { trigger: txt, scrub: 0.8, start: 'top 40%', end: "+=400", pin: true, pinSpacing: false  }  :  ??
  }, []);
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Is really difficult to debug with just the code you posted. Please provide a minimal demo that clearly demonstrates the issue you're having, using either codesandbox or stackblitz.


A ternary scroll trigger configuration seems to be working in this example:

See the Pen XWqeprR by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen


Happy Tweening!!!

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with the new gsap.context how can we use alongside match media? do we need to kill the match media or the context.revert() will do the job?

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Heya! Good question - You don't need to use context and matchmedia together. 

MatchMedia actually uses context under the hood to collect up all the animations - so you can just use matchMedia and then call revert on your matchMedia instance instead.



let mm = gsap.matchMedia();



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