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Page scroll up after Gsap Flip Animation

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Hi, i tried to use, Gsap Flip to filter a grid of elements.
The filter is inserted in the page in a fixed position so I can filter the grid from any position of the scroll.
The strange thing that happens is that if I filter the grid with the scroll positioned at the bottom of it, the page will be scrolled up.
I also tried to give a fixed height to the grid container, to avoid the bug, but the same thing happens.
Is it a problem with Flip or am I using it wrong?


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I'm not a React guy, but isn't your project doing exactly the same thing even if you completely remove Flip/GSAP? In other words, isn't this a React thing, unrelated to GSAP/Flip? 

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You're right, without Flip the same thing happens, the problem is related to the re-rendering of all elements caused by React

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