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Gsap zip file doesn't contain bonus plugins

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I am a club greensock member but the gsap zip file I've downloaded does not contain the bonus plugins. Any idea how I can get around this?

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Hi @Devroy. Sorry about any confusion there. You've got a multi-developer account but you specifically selected the option in your "manage developers" section of your account dashboard that said "This account is only for managing licenses and shouldn’t be counted as a developer", so you don't have access to the bonus plugins under @Devroy account. In other words, your account is acting only as an admin - NOT a developer. You maxed out your developers already by assigning the open slots to others. Solutions: 

  1. You could go to your account dashboard, click "manage developers" and REMOVE one of your current developers so that you open up a slot and then uncheck the "This account is only for managing licenses and shouldn’t be counted as a developer" checkbox so that your account is counted as one of the developers. 
  2. -OR- you could upgrade your membership to add another developer so that your @Devroy account could fill one of the developer slots.

Does that clear things up? 


Thanks for being a Club GreenSock member! 💚

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