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Mufaddal Ali

GSAP Animation not working on Safari

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Hello, i have this animation done on GSAP. I used motionpathplugin for this animation. Problem is this animation is working perfectly in chrome but not working on safari or iphone 11. Does any one have any idea why this is happening. Please help. Below is the link to the website.





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I removed your CSS <link href="/static/css/main.306ce5db.css" rel="stylesheet"> and then I can see three circles moving around a path. If you inspect the page you can also see that the animation is working perfectly, except it is not visible. 


It is hard to debug a live site, so if you could build a minimal demo it will be much easier to find your issue. 

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I think Safari requires your SVG with the moving elements to have a width and height in the CSS. I popped width: 100%; height: 100%; into inspect and it showed up.

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