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Draw SVG line as in real life

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Hello all good GSAP human beings!

Just starting adventure with GSAP, and having some issues, currently with simple drawing SVG line on scroll. My question is - how to achieve effect of drawing this svg curved line as if it was being drawn from start to beggining by one person with one pen... because right now it looks like the animation starts from the beggining of the SVG line(bottom left) and at the same time from the end (top right corner). How to achive "drawing with one pen" effect? What am I doing wrong here?

Thanks for any hints!

See the Pen MWGjyNW by ilonu (@ilonu) on CodePen

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Hey there! You've got a compound path here 

You'll need to redraw it as one line

Here's an article about making and releasing compound paths. If you release it in illustrator you'll see that it's actually two paths not one.


Very common thing to stumble on!

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@Cassie Oh, thank you very much! Was not aware of this, as I saw only one <path> and therefore thought everything here is fine...

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