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Gsap.matchMedia does not work on mobile devices

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Just trying out the new matchMedia functionality in 3.11.0 and while it works ok on a desktop browser, it fails to fire the mobile breakpoint on a mobile device. I am using safari and chrome 104.0.5112.99 on iOS.


The codepen should display either "mobile" or " desktop". Of course it'll work if viewing this post on a desktop browser.


On the documentation page it recommends the following for mobile. However this fails to do anything. The codepen has the correct viewport metatag.

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">


See the Pen gOzrbZG by adamatronix (@adamatronix) on CodePen

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Looks like you had a typo: 

// BAD
mm.add("(max-width: 1079px", () => {...});
mm.add("(max-width: 1079px)", () => {...});

(Missing an ")") 

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You're absolutely right! Sorry about that - it should be fixed now. Thanks for pointing it out @Kai-Ziefle

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