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Sync (Observer & ScrollTrigger & ScrollSmoother)

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I just took the GSAP Horizontal Scroll pen with ScrollTrigger, and I added ScrollSmoother and this works perfectly. And also I have a requirement to do draggable the horizontal section, so for that I used the Observer plugin to use the onDrag function to update the scroll() of the main ScrollTrigger. So, this also works fine, but I wanna reach a smooth movement on the drag, like a ('lerp' ,'momentum', 'inertia') as when I scroll, but I can't reach. Any suggestions are welcome.

I did this to update the scroll value of the ScrollTrigger.


  target: ".container",
  type: "wheel,touch,pointer",
  onDrag: (self) => {
      scrollTween.scrollTrigger.scroll() - self.deltaX

Thanks so much! 

See the Pen GRdJazK by nazarenooviedo (@nazarenooviedo) on CodePen

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thanks so much Jack! it's just I needed 🙏

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