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Ivan Mocs

Animation jumping when timeline.play after kill

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hello i have a problem when the mouse leave animation is jumping,

animation starts fadein from bottom, but when animation is not fully finished and when mouse let fadeout to top animation plays

See the Pen zYjvKeB by ivan-nizters (@ivan-nizters) on CodePen

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The issue is in this part of your code:

let animation_out = tl3.to(fadeit, 0.8, {
  y: -60,
  autoAlpha: 0,
  ease: Power2.out

For optimization reasons, GSAP stores the starting values for the target. Since the IN animation moves the element from y: 60, the OUT animation takes the element to y: 0 before moving it to y: -60.


One approach would be to create a new GSAP instance on the mouse out event:

hover1.addEventListener("mouseenter", (e) => {
  animation_out && animation_out.kill();
hover1.addEventListener("mouseleave", (e) => {
  animation_out = gsap.to(fadeit, 0.8, {
    y: -60,
    autoAlpha: 0,
    ease: Power2.out

Like that there is no issue with the position of the element when the out animation starts.


Happy Tweening!!!

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