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Enhanced type for quickTo return

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Thanks for the best amazing animation library ever
I have just a small suggestion 

Is it possible to change the return type for gsap.quickTo to be more specific than Function

suggested type

quickTo: (target: TweenTarget, property: string, vars?: TweenVars) => Function & {tween : GSAPTween}

P.S. for sure this is not perfect and not getting all the properties but this is what in mind now

Please guide me so I can properly contribute for small things like this in the future

thanks again guys for the amazing effort 🙏

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Hi @yasserzakaria1993. Are you asking to change the TypeScript definition file? Are you looking at the latest version (released yesterday, 3.11.1)? It was already improved in that release. 

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Ya was asking about the TypeScript
Didn't know that we have a new versionÂ đŸ€©

this is an amazing news

thanks a lot

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