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Resetting a transform

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I'm looking for a TransformItem.resetTransform() or something along that lines to take whatever item (or list of them) and set them back to their original x/y, scale, and rotation. I'm surprised there isn't any sort of reset() method included in this package.. unless i've totally missed it.


Of course, i could hold on to the original values myself and apply a manual transform when i need it, but hey.. a resetTransform() would be much nicer.



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When you say resetTransform(), do you mean remove any scaling, rotation, and x/y translation whatsoever? If so, that should be as simple as:

myObject.transform.matrix = new Matrix();


If the object is selected, just make sure you call the TransformManager's updateSelection() method to make sure the selection box/handles get adjusted.

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ah yes of course -- I should have tried that, and yes that's exactly what I meant. Thanks for the updateSelection() tip as well :)

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