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Scrolljitter on Pin+Scrub (Mac OS <12.2 Safari with trackpads)

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I'm wondering if anyone had any suggestions to help with dealing with some scroll jitter on older Mac machines with Safari + Trackpads. We have an animation that uses pinning and scrubbing (like scrolly telling) that has some gnarly jitter on older macs with a trackpad. It doesn't appear on OSX 12.5, scrolling with a mouse, scrolling with the keypad, or any other browser. 

I tried to create a repro using codepen, and I can't. The code pen works on the machine's that don't work!  But it's the exact same code, with the frame around it, so I expect that it might be a re-draw setting with the pin value. But setting the parent container to absolute or anything doesn't fix it. :mindblown:

Any suggestions about where to dig in further, or how to address this would be appreciated.


See the Pen ZExgQZM by emarchak-the-looper (@emarchak-the-looper) on CodePen

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Hm, I'm not sure what could be happening. I didn't see any issues but I'm on a fast MacBook Pro. There must be some other difference between your live site and the CodePen demo. Have you tried updating to 3.11.0 just to see if it makes any difference? 

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