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Update values on resize without creating handle resize

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Have there been any advancements in terms of updating values on resize without calling an onResize function and recreating the timeline? 

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Hey there, thanks for being part of Club GreenSock!

That's hard to say  for sure without seeing your specific use case. With ScrollTrigger we have invalidateOnRefresh, but largely for timelines the best method is to recreate on a debounced resize event, yes.

Can you maybe pop a pen together for us?

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do you have a debounce example as you mentioned? Also, is there a way to define a value as a function every time the playhead hits that tween? Or is that function only called once upon creation.

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Hey, @martis. Would you please provide a minimal demo (like a CodePen) that clearly shows what you're trying to do in the most basic fashion possible? 


You might want to look at the new gsap.matchMedia() method. 

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