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Matt Severin

Is there a way to download legacy GSAP plugins to match the version hosted on Google's CDN?

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The latest the Google CDN offers for display ads is v3.9.1, ideally I'd like to use GSAP plugins that match that particular version.

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Hi @Matt Severin. Are you asking for legacy versions of the bonus plugins? I certainly wouldn't recommend doing that because you'll lose all the enhancements and bug fixes since the older one, but you're welcome to contact us if you need something older. If you're looking for the non-bonus plugins, you can just get them directly from any CDN. Google should have those.  

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Yes I meant the bonus plugins.

That being said, I don't desire using older versions. But it seems that it would be better, when developing banners for Google, to use bonus plugins that match the Google cdn version of GSAP (v3.9.1), no?

In this particular case I did manage to get the latest bonus plugins (MorphsSVG & DrawSVG v3.11) to play well with Google hosted GSAP (v3.9.1). So for now I'm good, but I'd want to avoid potential mismatch efforts in the future.

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In the majority of cases, it's totally fine to use a newer version of the plugin with a slightly older core. There are a few exceptions. Like the latest 3.11.0 release of ScrollTrigger requires 3.11.0+ of the core because it leverages some newer features like gsap.matchMedia(). 


Again, if you need something in particular, you're welcome to contact us. You could also use the private repository. 

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