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How to create infinite horizontal sliders with some sliders moving in opposite direction

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Please I need help recreating this using gsap because i want to have smooth scroll. Every attempt I made using gsap meant that I lost the infite loop effect. I really do not know how or what to do. I went through this

See the Pen BaogqYy by noeldelgado (@noeldelgado) on CodePen

 it did not have an infinite loop and also I did not really understand the code. I would be glad if i could find a solution with helpful explanations so that I learn aswell.

See the Pen JjLVgwY by dupechuks (@dupechuks) on CodePen

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Hi @dupechuks. I read your question a few times and I don't really understand what you're asking, sorry.


If you still need help, please make sure your GSAP-specific question is very clear and provide a minimal demo with your attempt. Please keep in mind that these forums are for questions related directly to GSAP functionality (like the API). See the forum guidelines. If you have one of those GSAP-specific questions, we'd be glad to answer it.  

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