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Scroll Trigger animation playing when outside of trigger

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Hi again!


I've another 'I'm sure there's an obvious answer but I'm not getting it' problem...


I have a simple timeline I'd like to play only when in view. Timeline is hooked up to Scroll Trigger and set to repeat via Scroll Trigger.


My problem is it keeps playing when outside of the trigger section:

Help very gratefully received :)

See the Pen GRxeEyZ by kabocreative (@kabocreative) on CodePen

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  • Solution

Heya! Typo - toggleActions, not triggerActions. 🙂

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Oh I didn't... I did... I spent an embarassingly long period of time trying to debug that one. Thanks Cassie!

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Are there any typos? The debugging question we all wish we'd asked earlier at one point or another!


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