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How do I make an item make some movement when scrolling through a block that is in the line of sight?

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For example, please look at this site. When you go to it, you will see that when you scroll through the first block an animation (rotate) is triggered for the element on the left until the end of this block. I can also start scrolling in reverse order and the animation will also be triggered back.
How can I do this?
I tried to do something, but it did not lead to anything :(

I would be happy for any help! Whether it's ready-made code or if you can just point me in the right direction by telling me what to use for it.
Thanks :)

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I tried Scroll Magic.  I found an example on YouTube and took the code from there as a basis.  In fact, everything worked out for me, but tomorrow I'll try again with ScrollTrigger :) Perhaps there will be much less code than with ScrollMagic.  But thanks anyway :)


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ScrollMagic hasn't been updated in years, so we definitely recommend using ScrollTrigger instead - especially if you're using GSAP already! Either way, glad you're sorted.

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