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Using ScrollTrigger for horizontal slideshow - Next slide not showing

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I am new to gsap, and working off an example for the horizontal scrolling slideshow. For some reason the first slide shows, and then it scrolls over but the next slides are not visible. If anyone can explain why this behavior is occurring that would be very helpful. 


Attached a minimal example on copepen. 

See the Pen gOejNNV by Ashewer (@Ashewer) on CodePen

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That's because you set up all your slides to be stacked VERTICALLY. Eliminate ScrollTrigger and look at your layout. :)


Perhaps you intended to do something like this?: 

See the Pen abYabOB?editors=0010 by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen


Usually your CSS/markup is pretty important when you're setting up scroll-related stuff. I just used Flexbox to set all the slides side-by-side. Then when the ScrollTrigger animation moves it along the x-axis while pinned, it looks like it's scrolling horizontally. 


I hope that helps. 

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That was the issue, not sure how I didn't clue into that before. Thanks!

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