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How to Enable animation on two different div's on Horizontal Scrolling from scrolling left to right

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Hello, I have noticed that there are not any reference for doing animations on Horizontal scrolling(left and right) on two separate div's in react 

Ex. This is a rough idea, So here i want to implement horizontal scroll(left to right) and want to add two different animations  to both Namee1 and Circle1 at the same time of Horizontal scrolling

See the Pen JjLBLNO by NIK03 (@NIK03) on CodePen

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Also - In React - 


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1 hour ago, mvaneijgen said:

Hi @NIK03 welcome to the forum!


ScrollTrigger just animates a timeline on scroll, so if you want to animate two things, just have them animated at the same time, with the position parameter  and hook it up to ScrollTrigger 




It is not working if i apply overflow-x:auto css to container div which is exact problem i am facing





Please check my codepen code again i have edited it

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In your pen you're not loading ScrollTrigger nor GSAP, so it is not working 


If you want to load ScrollTrigger on a specific container you can set   scroller: ".container",


See the Pen jOzpKNx by mvaneijgen (@mvaneijgen) on CodePen

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