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Unsatisfied version 3.10.4 from shell of shared singleton module gsap (required =npm:@gsap/business@3.10.4)

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I am having trouble installing gsap business green in an Angular 14 application. Previously I had no trouble running gsap public. But I wanted to us MorphSVG so I purchased a business green license. This is the procedure I followed:

1. Deleted node_modules

2. Deleted yarn.lock

3. Deleted gsap in package.json

4. added .npmrc file with the proper syntax and authorization token

//npm.greensock.com/:_authToken=<my authtoken>

5. ran a yarn cache clean

6. ran a yarn install

7. Ran installation code from dashboard with a the version of @3.10.4 added and a network-timeout parameter of 100000

                  yarn add gsap@npm:@gsap/business@3.10.4 --network-timeout 100000

8. I ran the application and I get this error message:




9. I have included my typescript file and the package.son

sidenav.component.ts package.json

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Hi there! Thanks for joining Club GreenSock. Sorry to hear about this. Sounds super frustrating. There's a known bug with yarn and private repos (nothing to do with GSAP) That may be the issue here?

If so, there's a thread here with a lot of good information on yarn



I hope this helps!

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I am getting the same error with npm

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Yep, that was it. 


I have a micro-frontend platform with all the MFEs built in Angular 14. For anyone else with the same problem, this is what fixed it:


Additionally, checkout: "Remarks on shareAll" at Angular Architects: https://www.angulararchitects.io/en/aktuelles/whats-new-in-angular-architects-module-federation-14-3/


Thanks for all the help, much appreciated.







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Thanks for sharing your solution! 🙌

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