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Geoff Dawes

Installing GSAP ScrollSmoother in Webflow

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Hi :)

I've just purchased the Greensock Shockingly Green package & I can't figure out how to install the ScrollSmoother in Webflow. 
I've tried copying the "ScrollSmoother.min.js" code and pasting it into the <head></head>. I also tried pasting it before the  </body> to no avail. 


I haven't included a Codepen as my only issue is actually installing it. 

I'm new to all of this so the npm/yarn options confuse me so much.
Was kinda hoping for a CDN option where I could just add the script into the header and Voila 😅

Has anyone actually managed to successfully install it & get it working in Webflow? 

Appreciate any guidance ❤️ 

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I'm not at all familiar with Webflow, but as a  general hint, I would remind you that ScrollSmoother is an addition to ScrollTrigger and ScrollTrigger needs GSAP to run, so usually you at least need to 'paste' all three of those in your page's head, if that is the only way you can go.

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You Sir, are a legend :D Thanks so much! 

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  • 1 month later...

Hey @Geoff Dawes can you post what gave you the light bulb moment? I'm still having trouble trying to link Scroll Smoother. I watched the <script> tutorial on the site and my site is still not working. Btw in the second image code sandbox keeps correcting my '#smoothwrapper' to double quotes. In the tutorial Green Sock had she used single quotes. Don't know if this may be the issue?


Also I am using Webflow. I was going to pull the file from dropbox, unless you could recommend a better efficient way?


I have both ScrollSmoother and Scroll Trigger registered. Any help or links to other videos is appreciated. 







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It's pretty tough to troubleshoot without a minimal demo - the issue could be caused by CSS, markup, a third party library, your browser, an external script that's totally unrelated to GSAP, etc. Would you please provide a very simple CodePen or CodeSandbox that demonstrates the issue? 


Or at least a link to where the broken site is? That way, we can poke around a bit. Troubleshooting a live site is definitely beyond the scope of help we provide here, but we could at least give it a glance to see if theres anything blatantly obvious. 


Did you set up your HTML so that you've got a wrapper <div> and content <div> with those IDs applied that you're referencing in the code there? 


Also, please don't post links to the ScrollSmoother file you're using - that makes it easy for anyone to steal without having a Club GreenSock membership :)



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Hi @div138


What worked for me was:

1. renaming the file ScrollSmoother.min.js to ScrollSmoother.min.txt

2. Upload the .txt file to Webflow

3. Then find the URL of the uploaded .txt file - should look something like this <script src="https://uploads-ssl.webflow.com/62e3acd626f7sd0ac59653c2/6we913e507820a453df444d7_ScrollSmoother.min.txt"></script>

4. It will still be able to read the js inside the .txt file. 


Hope that helps :)

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@GSAP Helper Thanks for the reminder of the link. I just took down the first photo. 


@GSAP Helper & @Geoff Dawes Thank you both so much for the help! 


@Geoff Dawes Thanks for the step by step instructions, I would've never thought to rename the file with a .txt extension! That helped a ton!

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