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How to slide just one item in Draggable slider?

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Hi guys!


I'm new here and I'm struggling to edit this slider by synchronizing slider index with titles index.

It was pretty easy to make it work on nav click, but as you can see it can't count which is the destination index, and it only counts one for titles.


Have you some suggestions?
Also I would like to add an active class to che center slide in order to make the others with some opacity..


Thank you!!

See the Pen ZExXEyY by sarahKitsune (@sarahKitsune) on CodePen

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Hey there!


There's actually a demo in the helper functions section of the docs with an adjustment to add a class to the center slide. Maybe this edit will help with your other issue too?

See the Pen gOvvJee by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen


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