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Disable ScrollSmoother effects on mobile

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Hi all,


As I understand it from the docs, ScrollSmoother does not apply smooth scrolling to touch devices, but does apply the effects like data-lag and data-speed? Is there a way to disable these effects on touch devices too? Or is the best way to do this to just kill the scrollsmoother at a certain breakpoint?

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I would just kill it. In theory you could set the effect values for every element to 0 but I'm not sure what the side effects of doing so would be so I can't recommend it.

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Yeah, you could skip the entire thing with something like this: 

if (ScrollTrigger.isTouch !== 1) {
  // only create if it's not a touch-only device...

Does that help? 

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Yea that should do the trick, unless you would advise against it and just keep it running on mobile too?

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I see no reason to have it run on mobile unless you really need some of the effects. 

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