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The Refinery

Animating a <ul> with a delay on each <li>

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Hi there,


I'm sure this is really easy to do, but I can't seem to work it out. I just want to animate the <ul> and have each <li> have a slight delay on it so they come in one after the other. Any help would be appreciated.

See the Pen XWERPJY by jonnyjones99 (@jonnyjones99) on CodePen

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Hey Refinery!


You are just overthinking it a bit. All you need is the following:


gsap.from(".list__item", {
  opacity: 0,
  duration: 0.5,
  x: 50,
  stagger: 0.5

What you are doing in your code is creating an individual Tween for each of the list items, not a timeline that contains all the items. As each tween is independent and only contains one item, there is nothing to stagger and they all paly at the same time.

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Of course! Thanks for that- been looking at code for too long today 🤦‍♂️



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