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Snap Scroll Inside a Section

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Good day, folks! I would appreciate any idea or workaround for the following interaction.

After landing on a webpage and scrolling down to a particular section, I would like to see the background of the section zooms in as the mouse scroll continues (I can make it happen but I need your suggestions regarding the following steps.)

1. A popup appears (but the zoom-in effect stays).

Note: That popup contains several slides that move vertically, and it doesn't cover the entire width of the screen, only half of the screen, leaving almost equal space on each side

2. I want to get the Nested Scrolling effect like the background with zoom-in effect stays until I'm done with scrolling until the last slider.

3. Also, while scrolling, I need to apply the Scroll Snap effect to each of those sliders.

I would really appreciate your support.


Thanks in advance!

See the Pen ZExejMr by sajidulislam0 (@sajidulislam0) on CodePen

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This looks oddly familiar, so I'm just gonna echo what @GreenSock said in this other thread


5 hours ago, GreenSock said:

We love helping with GSAP-related questions, but unfortunately we just don't have the resources to provide free general consulting, logic troubleshooting, or "here are my list of requirements: ____, now please show me how to build it" tutorials. Of course anyone else is welcome to post an answer if they'd like - we just want to manage expectations.  


I would strongly recommend breaking it down to very simple pieces, one at a time with only a few colored <div> elements. See if you can get the pinning to work first, for example, and then if you want another sub-scrolling section, attempt that in the most basic way. If you get stuck, post a minimal demo here along with a GSAP-specific question and we'll do our best to help. But please remember the forum guidelines - this is not a place to get experts to complete your project for free. 


You can post in the "Jobs & Freelance" forum for paid consulting, or contact us directly. 


Good luck!


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