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how can I make an animation that makes a dozen of these leafs fall on scroll properly while the background shifts to the left

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I apologise about the codepen missing images,


But i am trying to make a tree that scrolls horizontally and make about a dozen leaves fall with different paths, all while the background moves to a side


at the moment i am struggling to make both work properly, if both do end up working the leaf is slower than the background and stays way too far behind

or it simply stops at around the middle of the screen and i am trying to make the leaves fall to the ground


is there any advise you could give on the issue?


Thank you

See the Pen oNqZXdq by marian1200 (@marian1200) on CodePen

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Hi there, welcome to the GSAP forums!


I'm not really sure what the GSAP question is here or what the desired end result is. Could you possibly elaborate or show us a little more clearly in the demo?


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if you notice the alt text, that is a transparent image of a leaf i have pathed it and i want to add more of them with different paths,

behind them there is a background that you can't see,


I am just wondering whether there is a better way to animate about 10 more leaves at different points on the backgrond


and if there is a way to make them fall all the way down on the ".animation" selector as at the moment they go about half way 

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