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loading image from Library

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How do I load an image into a movie clip?


maybe a simple question, but I'm a complete beginner...


many thanks!



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AS2 or AS3? Are you trying to use an image from the Library (as the thread title hints at) or do you want to load an external image file?


This forum is more for questions that relate directly to GreenSock tools, not so much general Flash/ActionScript questions but you might want to try the forums at kirupa.com or actionscript.org. Google would likely provide a lot of good info too :)

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thanks for the reply.


I'm using AS3 and yes, the image I want to load is from my local library. I see you have LoaderMax, perhaps I should post there, but any insight you can offer will be greatly appreciated. I will also check out the other resources you suggested.


thanks again!

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