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ScrollSmoother interferes with transform animations

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first: you are awesome, thank you for these supercool libaries.


We want to try out the new ScrollSmoother an got stuck on the following problem:


We have a transform based animation with a scrollTrigger:


         let tl = gsap.timeline({
              trigger: card,
              start: "top top",
              end: "bottom top",
              pinSpacing: false,
              pin: true,
              scrub: true,
              markers: false,
            defaults: { overwrite: "auto"}
     tl.fromTo(cardContent, {scale:1, opacity:1}, {scale: 0.8, opacity: 0.2});
          tl.to(cardContent, {opacity:0}); 


To avoid conflicts with the transform values  in the parent container animation (like "jumping" elements) , we use 

clearProps: true

on the parent containers animation. This works like a charm, BUT: 

with using ScrollSmoother, the same effect of "jumping" elements ist back, as ScrollSmoother is based on transforms. 


I'm happy for any advice on how to deal with that.



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  • Kai-Ziefle changed the title to ScrollSmoother interferes with transform animations

Sorry I'm not really following. 

Most animations are done with transforms - scrollSmoother shouldn't affect that at all.

Can you pop together a minimal demo on codepen showing the 'jump' for us? Thanks so much.

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Thanks for your fast reply. I put together a minimal demo on Codesandbox that proves that my thought was wrong (and the problem is somehow related to our app architecture). Everything is working fine here and it's good to know that scrollSmoother shouldn't affect any animations. 





Thanks and sorry for the interruption ✌️



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Glad to hear! Pop back if you narrow it down and want some eyes on the issue!

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