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[Help] opacity issue when using ScrollTrigger

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B1: first load logo, opacity 0 -> 1

B2: scroll down opacity inscrease 0 -> 1, scroll up opacity return 1


But when i scroll down, logo element was opacity = 0, can you help me?

See the Pen QWmKQby by theflash8888 (@theflash8888) on CodePen

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Hello GreenSock, can you help me, please, close this topic, issue was fixed!

Thank you so much!

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Hello GreenSock


Why i can not delete this topic ?

I can not find delete button 😢

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I noticed a few problems

  • You set the trigger to an element that doesn't exist.
  • You nested a ScrollTrigger in a child tween of a timeline - never do that because it's logically impossible to have BOTH the timeline control the playhead AND the scrollbar position simultaneously. 
  • You were trying to have the ScrollTrigger-based tween use the final opacity AFTER a totally different tween finishes running. But by default, ScrollTrigger-based animations render immediately, thus in this case it was locking in the opacity: 0 (starting value) which you were then changing with a different tween. You can set immediateRender: false to avoid that. 

Is this more like what you wanted?:

See the Pen oNqzEza?editors=0010 by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen


As for deleting the topic, don't worry about that - it can be nice to keep around so that others can learn from it too. Glad you solved it. 

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Hello GreenSock,


That amazing, thank you for your explain, I will keep it(set immediateRender: false) on your mind.

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