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Killing and rebuilding timeline doesn't recalculate motionpath - responsive issue

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Hi there!


My issue is that I'm trying to rebuild my motionpath for my timelines when resizing the browser. I've read already that the motionpath plugin isn't responsive and from other forum posts, I read that we are supposed to kill our timeline and then rebuild it in order to resize it, but it isn't working for me. I was hoping I could have some help on this since I've spent almost all day trying to make this work and it doesn't seem to. :-) You can see the screenshot below after resizing the browser. It's as if the dom doesn't update the size of the svg path on resize.




I know there's quite a bit of code in the codepen I shared. However the functions to look at are: "textScroller()" - which has two functions in it which handle the motionpath text scrolling/sliding - "setupSlide()" for each clickable layers and resizeCheck() which when changing the browser size rebuilds the timelines after killing them.


Line 53 - I convert the polyline to path.

Lines 55 to 91 - I setup the variables based on screen size for delays on each timeline.to functions.

Lines 96 to 105 - I run through all my slides/layers and run the setupSlide() to setup the timelines


The timeline call is at line 118.


Hopefully this is helpful and not too much of a mess! Thanks for your help!!

See the Pen MWVjmQO by julienkos (@julienkos) on CodePen

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Hi there! Thanks so much for the demo. This looks like a fun project.


There's definitely a lot going on here though. Would it be possible to strip this back a bit? Maybe just one path, one word, without any of the spacing and background switching code? You'll be much more likely to get a helpful answer if there's less code to look at.

Ideally just isolate out the bit that you're struggling with.

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Yeah, I don't have time right now to dig into all that code but this looked wrong to me: 

var progress = tl.progress(); //record the progress so that we can match it with the new tween (jump to the same spot)
tl.kill(); //rewind and kill the original tween.

You're recording the progress but then never using that anywhere to revert it. 


Also, .kill() does NOT rewind the animation! I assume you meant something more like: 

var progress = tl.progress(); //record the progress so that we can match it with the new tween (jump to the same spot)
tl.progress(0).kill(); //rewind and kill the original tween.
// ...rebuild...
tl = rebuild(...);
tl.progress(progress); // jump to the previous spot!

If you do still need help, Cassie offered some excellent advice about stripping things back as much as possible - that'll significantly increase your chances of getting a solid answer.

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Hi there! Thanks for the advice on making a more minimal demo, here it is: 

See the Pen poLErNz by julienkos (@julienkos) on CodePen

. Thanks Jack for the message, I will review that and test it out tomorrow morning. Europe time here. :-) Have a great day guys and thanks for the amazing support!

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That's a little closer thanks!

Jack was right, you're not actually using the progress anywhere.

Here's a super stripped back version.

See the Pen JjLRyLy?editors=1011 by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen

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Hi Cassie, thank you so much! This looks pretty perfect, I will try adjusting my code based on yours tomorrow. Thanks so much for the help!!

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Pleasure! It's hard to see the forest for the trees when you've got a lot going on, pop back if you get stuck. I'd recommend adding bits in super gradually. Get it working one bit at a time.


Good luck!

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